Web Platform Ideas

Final Phase of Data Layer Implementation

Add array of data for different variables for ALL pages:
- userCountry (subject to Blaize integration)
- joinDate (subject to Blaize integration)
- daysSubRemaining (subject to Blaize integration)
Additonally, add array of data for different variables for ARTICLE pages:
- articleImageFlag
- articleVideoFlag
- articleChartFlag (needs discussion - haven't seen an example of this anywhere so far)
- articlePromotedFlag (needs discussion as to how this is set in WP Admin)
- articleAccessMethod
- articleWords (this either uses existing functionality or needs custom functionality building to determine)
Additionally, add array of data for the different variables for SEARCH RESULTS pages:
- searchPage (i.e. page referrer)
- searchResults (number of results)
Add onclick event handler for Visitor Interactions:
- social follow click
- social share click
- download file (subject to internal discussion; does this apply to more than Print Editions?)
- click to cart
- add to cart
- remove from cart
- more stories pop out click
Enhanced ecommerce (P3) will wait until clearly defined

  • Paul Parker
  • Sep 19 2017
  • Planned
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