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Improved validation of email addresses during registration process

If a user successfully completes the PEI Blaize registration form, but uses an email address that contains a typo/mistake – eg kevin.b@piemedia.com - this is still logged as a registration, despite it not being a legitimate address.

The user will not receive the verification email as the email address is wrong, so will likely retry registering their details or will contact PEI. However, regardless of this, Blaize still grants the 'typo' address Bronze entitlements. In CRM, the email address is also immediately added to the system, and can subsequently be selected in data selections and newsletter lists.

This means bad data will enter our database, and could cause deliverability issues to campaigns/newsletters we send through dotmailer and Sailthru, especially if these ‘typo’ emails are inadvertently ‘spam’ traps.

Is there a way that email addresses can be vetted/validated more thoroughly - a ping being sent to the email address for instance - before they are added to Blaize and created in CRM? 

  • Paul Parker
  • Oct 5 2017
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  • Raj Bains commented
    December 19, 2017 15:59

    From a Data Quality POV, we are allowing invalid email addresses to enter our CRM database and be flagged as 'valid'.

    As mentioned on this page, we are making ourselves known to spam traps (twice in the last 5 months) when sending comms out from Sailthru and dotmailer and this will impact our deliverability reputation via these ESPs.

    How can we ensure that we can combat this issue at source - Blaize? Even if there is a 10 min lag between syncing records across to CRM, we must only bring in 'valid' email addresses and nothing else.

  • Admin
    Amanda Janis commented
    January 17, 2018 10:45

    JA - Can we spike (Odin) and look at solutions or changes we can make if a user doesnt validaiton within 'x' amount of time.